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Invest in the safety of your elderly loved ones with our professional GPS tracker designed with advanced features including SOS and fall detection. Stay aware of their location at all times and enjoy peace of mind knowing they’re well-protected. Order now and take the first step towards ensuring the safety of your loved ones.

Wandering/Location Finding & Tracking

Absentmindedness is part of getting older, its just a part our elderly loved ones have to endure. If you are worried that your senior parents may unexpectedly wander or become disorientated or lost, it may be time to buy them a personal GPS tracker for elderly people.

Our personal alarm for elderly comes with location finding GPS technology that lets you see exactly where your elderly loved ones are at any time. You can keep an eye on your parents and sleep soundly knowing that they can reach you with a touch of a button should there be an emergency. This personal GPS tracker for elderly people even comes standard with extra features such as fall alerts, geo fencing, no motion alert, and much more.

GPS technology can be tremendously helpful for families who want to know the location or the whereabouts of elderly loved ones without limiting their freedom or obstructing them from their routines. It can give you significant peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are safe. It also frees you from having to call or monitor them constantly—which some elderly may find irritating at some point. With our personal alarm with senior GPS tracker, your loved ones can enjoy an independence and freedom of lifestyle while having the knowledge and security that assistance is only the press of the SOS button away.

Are you wondering if your parents got back from a walk in the park or mall visit within the time you expected? Simply text the personal alarm to see their exact location.  You can use the senior tracking device  to rapidly locate elderly that wander. The GPS location finding can be very helpful for locating elderly seniors who may be at risk of memory or medical conditions.

Additionally, the personal alarm is capable of more than just GPS location-finding. The alarm can also be programmed to send you SMS alerts whenever it detects that the device has gone beyond the prearranged safe zone (geofence). You’ll know when your loved ones have wandered outside the block, suburb or city geofence.

Simply SMS the device and it will respond back with the wears location. 

If the device is unable to locate any GPS satellite signals (Such as inside a building or carpark – anywhere with no line of sight to the sky), it will use GSM & Wifi signals to give a ‘relative’ location instead.

The elderly alarm has fantastic benefits are what make this personal alarm a great investment.